2015-11-19 20.20.20


In November/December I had a phase of drawing my own mandalas. Just find it very relaxing.

2015-11-08 10.56.23

few window sketches

all made from photos when it was too cold to sketch outdoors… The last one is a window in a different sense; Kallio library overhead opening in the uppermost floor  


autumn sketches

I’ve been interested in sketching outdoors again lately. Here are some results, actually: all results from the past few weeks.  

one of many of similar kinds of views during this bike travel

Summer travels 2015

Instead of long descriptions there are tons of photos. Just the basics in words: Berlin-Helsinki-biking did not work out due to sickness. Some parts I did. Most I didn’t. I had lots of fun biking in Germany after all…

2015-03-08 20.01.21

Crochet gloves

These are my first crochet gloves. Perfect for biking at around 0°.


Sketches on the move

I restarted sketching people last week. Each sketch takes max 5min, so it’s quite rough. They might not be super beautiful but I really enjoy drawing… It’s fun. You should try, too.


I thought I knew Helsinki…

until I entered Huvilakatu today! (this post is also a proof that I’ve not forgotten where I come from… I cannot just walk past these houses, windows, doors and amazing architectural details! I just cannot….)

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