Secret Trails

2011, installation The idea for the final project for the multimedia authoring course at Media Lab Helsinki/Finland was to make the trails people leave in space visible. I have always been fascinated by the idea that people moving in public space actually take part in its creation: they change it, either known or not. It […]

thumb_tag me

Tag me!

2011, installation the idea “Tag me!” is an installation of 3 chairs and a table painted in orange. Attached pens enable people to leave their signs, comments or little drawings. The project aims to raise awareness of all inhabitants of Espoo/Finland, that tagging is not just crime, but it is inherent to human nature to […]

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direct disaster information sharing concept

CONCEPT concept for the entrance into MediaLab. The main idea is to enable direct information sharing among different user groups (such as citizens, government, scientists, news agencies) thus enabling everyone to decide by himself which information to trust.   Nowadays different services are aiming to provide information in different phases of disasters. This observation was […]

thumb spoof ads

spoof ads

2011, design results from “spoof advertising” workshop at Taik’s graphic design department (Helsinki/Finland)


art material – material art

2010-2011, coding final project for the course “experimental project in computational photography” at Aalto University, School of Art and Design in 2010/2011 Like every student of architecture over the years I have collected a huge variety of close-up photos of materials. We all use them for photoshopping our perspectives or in 3D renderings. But I […]

thumb_searching for umbrellas

Searching (for) umbrellas

2011, coding a project coded in Processing during the „Interactive Cinema“-Workshop at TAIK/Helsinki I shot the courtyard of a shopping center from top to bottom and used it for a little game: While only seeing a small part of the whole film the user uses Apple’s Motion Sensor (inbuilt in every MacBook) to navigate through […]

hof _ 0. EG

Tourist center network Holzdorf/Germany

2009-2010, concept, design The idea of a tourist network center situated in Holzdorf/Germany is my solution to the task of revitalizing the old manor house in the village. The concept tries to include two tourist networks: one is the connection to the local recreation areas in Weimar and Bad Berka and the other one is […]


Urban Design for Berlin-Tempelhof/Germany

2009, concept, design a project in collaboration with Anna Griberman and Tabea Hilse The task in this design project was to develop a strategy how to use the former airfield Berlin-Tempelhof/Germany. Our objective was that Berlin does not have a big pressure on building new apartments but instead the neighboring district of Neukölln misses public […]


Urban Renewal in Krapivna/Russia

2008-2009, concept, design   The provincial town Krapivna, one of Lev Tolstoy‘s work places, has a 18th century urban structure. In the project I analyzed the conservation area and suggested solutions to very different problems: historic buildings are substantially at risk, public buildings stand empty and the infrastructure needs to be completely renewed. I further […]


Greenpeace exhibition pavillion

2008, concept, design For the Greenpeace exhibition pavilion I focused on the experience of architecture: Chaos, which according to Greenpeace is controlling nowadays world, is translated into space. The visitor entering a “chaos” of metal bars will soon notice that the outer glass cube has a grid representing the order Greenpeace tries to bring to […]

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