“Urban Alphabets” work in progress – Making Personas

I have been working on my “Urban Alphabets” quite a bit recently. The Flow Chart is still work in progress. Yesterday I’ve made these persona illustrations. I see them as a start for my scenarios. Actually the stories I’ve already written, so I “just” need to illustrate them. The current plan is to make little […]

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Self-portrait: Suse Miessner

This movie is an attempt to explore my “self”. It’s rather raising questions than giving answers. You might learn something about me but the question whether you know my “self” or not remains open…



This is my very first pop-up-card. I liked the concept for really long and always wanted to try it out. Yesterday I finally did it. So there have been 2 prototypes before I made it to this (almost) perfection. I think I’ll try making more!


Interacting in Public Space – How New Media influence our Behavior in Public Space

2012, theory my master thesis work at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar (M.Sc. Architecture) Nowadays there is one trend that is broadly discussed in public: „New Media Revolution“. Depending on who deals with the topic there are a couple of other terms used that usually refer to the same or similar phenomena: „Social Media Revolution” (e.g., Samuel 2012), […]

thumb_name cubes

Name Cubes

2012, design These name cubes have been made as place cards for my cousin’s wedding and her daughter’s christening. They wanted something that isn’t usual, that would be a little present to the guests. That’s why the name cubes had a chocolate piece inside. The making was quite fun but maybe I’m not going to […]

thumb_revealing space2

Revealing Space

2012, coding The results of my “architectural machines reloaded” course in Weimar/Germany. The task was to design and code an architectural machine in Processing. What I did was an analyzing machine in openFrameworks. Concept Public space is a far more complicated phenomenon than we realize in our everyday life’s. Public space is not just about […]

thumb_ich sucht du

ICH sucht DU

2011, illustration “ICH sucht DU” could be translated into “I searching for YOU”. It is a story about a lonely character looking for her significant other that is similar to herself. Harriet Grunewald in his story describes what she is going through and when she finally gives up she meets a character that’s not at […]

thumb_skateboard deck

Skateboard deck

2011, design a little experiment on how to design and make a new skateboard deck…

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