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This video from one of my Stanford assignments I made after returning to Finland. Now I finally also post it.

thumb_web design

Selection of webdesign and dev projects (2008-2013)

2008-2013, design, coding Here you see a selection of small-scale web design/development projects. Some are real world projects some I did just for fun to learn Javascript better.  Instead of learning pure coding I try to bring my skills from different areas together: visualization, concept design, moving images, user interfaces,…


Urban Alphabets at Make It in St. Petersburg

2 weeks are gone without a post here and that is not just because I am busy preparing many projects for Media Labs Spring Demo Day (May 29th at Taik in Helsinki, you are welcome to join!) but also because I have been in St. Petersburg/Russia for a long weekend. St. Petersburg was very nice […]


Urban Alphabets from Seattle and my first trip to the US

I have been quite here for a while now and besides being busy with finishing things up for Demoday (may 29th) there is another good reason: I’ve been in the US for the first time. Above there are the Urban Alphabets and Urban Postcards produced during the trip. Other than that we (4 mlab students) […]


Urban Alphabets at SIDeR 2013 in Aarhus/Denmark

  Last week I went to the little city (town?) of Aarhus in Denmark to present the Urban Alphabets app as a demo during the Student Interaction Design Research (SIDeR) conference. about SIDeR SIDeR was organized for the 9th time this year. Place changes every year, but there are mostly people from Denmark and Sweden […]


hand lettering addiction?

I know it’s not at all perfect but I just had a lot of fun drawing after I watched 14 out of 52 Lynda video tutorials on objective C. Lot’s of mistakes made but even more fun had! I’m quite sure I am addicted!


2 storyboards for “Urban Alphabets”

Scenario 1: Lisa Lisa is a single woman in her mid 30s. She works as a tax consultant in Berlin (Germany). Lisa is new to “Urban Alphabets” and wants to explore the functionalities. Lisa walks her dog Tommi twice a day. She always tries to find new routes so dog walking does not become boring. […]


Simulated Graffitis

“Simulated Graffitis” was a project idea I developed for a the “Technologies of Location” workshop at Media Lab. I later build a “Digital Spray Can” as a prototype during Matti’s “Physical Interaction” course. project idea The City of Helsinki practices a zero-tolerance policy for street arts in the city’s public space resulting in a city […]


urban alphabets from Berlin

I made some new urban alphabets in Berlin during the last week. I had a lot of fun and it’s pretty amazing how you start looking for letters everywhere. I also noticed myself switching into the “urban-alphabets-photo-taking”-mode as soon as I opened the app: I really don’t care stopping in the middle of the pedestrian […]

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