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Links from Media facades: when buildings start to twitter

Empire state building Tower of wind La Défnse: Expomedia Light Cube: 42nd Street Studios: Marnix: Blinkenlights: P3 Hochregallager: Kunsthaus Graz /BIX: Chicago Millenium Park: Nature04: Galleria Department Store: Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh: T-Mobile Forum: Symphony of Lights: Spots Media façade: Torre Agbar: Chanel Tower: […]

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first links related to my ma-thesis

UPDATE  1/2013: THIS MA-THESIS DOES NOT EXIST. I CHANGED THE TOPIC QUITE A BIT. YOU CAN GET INFO ABOUT THE THESIS HERE. (as the classification still seems kind of valuable I don’t want to delete this post entirely) preliminary title: Interacting in public space – How media facades influence our behavior trying to sort projects […]

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