Stanford calling, California dreaming… (and more awesome things)

Just today I got confirmation that I’m a lucky Aalto student to spend her summer studying at Stanford University. That’s already a great news but it becomes even better when you hear that Aalto is paying for pretty much all the expenses: tuition fees, flights, accommodation, meals on campus and insurance for the 2 month […]

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Docpoint 2013 report 2 and recap

So I left out after “The Trial” the other day. There is two more movies to tell about: Work Hard – Play Hard Germany, 2011, 90min (seen in Andorra on Friday) the festival catalog says: “There is hard competition about the best workers in the West. Organizing the job and the weaknesses of the workers […]

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Docpoint 2013 report_part 1

I have been busy watching movies in the Helsinki Documentary Film Festival (Docpoint) this week. And I can already state here: It was worth the money and time invested : ) I saw some awesome inspiring movies that really made me think and I know I’m not done with the thinking yet. But here are preliminary […]

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The Artvertiser

“The Artvertiser” is a device replacing advertisements by artworks on the go. It was developed by Julian Oliver and Damien Steward starting in 2008. I had the chance to take part in a workshop they held in May 2011 at Kuvataide (Art Academy) in Helsinki/Finland. For me the artists essentially provide the chance to replace […]

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Finnish Wordography

or whatever you want to call it. I was somehow annoyed that learning Finnish vocabulary feels almost like trying to learn the meaning of one letter that’s different in every word. So this is how I tried to learn vocabulary differently but I don’t think this is EXACTLY what they mean when saying you should […]

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a ted talk on visualization and collaborative art

I saw this today and it is super awesome!Aaron Koblin: Artfully visualizing our humanity just one little quote that also recently found its way to the whole world through twitter: “19th century culture was defined by the novel,20th century culture by the cinema,the culture of the 21st century will be defined by the interface.” and […]

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Minun perheeni – writing about my family

Minun perheessä on neljä henkeä: isä, äiti ja veli. Minulla on yksi isovel. Hänen niemensä on M.. Hän opiskelee geografia (my teacher wants to say it is maantietoa but is that geography?) ja asuu Göttingenissä. Se on Keski-Saksassa ja entisessä Länsi-Saksassa. M. pitää Göttingenissä opiskelemisesta, koska hänellä on paljon ystäviä siellä. Äitini nimi on Ju.. […]

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suomen sanatyyppi – Finnish word types > a preparation for even more complicated things like using the plural

well, that’s what I was fighting with tonight: Finnish word types and how to build the “vartalo” (is it stem in English?) of them. Actually it’s a task I got from my teacher. Need to send it tomorrow. So here it is: nominatiivi vartalo   korkea korkea- leveä leveä- vapaa vapaa- hissi hissi- kuva kuva- […]

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It’s docpoint week in Helsinki. It’s a documentary film festival. And I could afford to buy a screening card for 5 films… But I’ve seen already 8 until today ;-) That’s what I call effective! Well, today I’ve seen 6 Finnish short films in one session!I thought it might be useful and maybe also interesting […]

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