one of many of similar kinds of views during this bike travel

Summer travels 2015

Instead of long descriptions there are tons of photos. Just the basics in words: Berlin-Helsinki-biking did not work out due to sickness. Some parts I did. Most I didn’t. I had lots of fun biking in Germany after all…


I thought I knew Helsinki…

until I entered Huvilakatu today! (this post is also a proof that I’ve not forgotten where I come from… I cannot just walk past these houses, windows, doors and amazing architectural details! I just cannot….)


4 päivää Itä-Suomessa

This blogpost is pretty much a copy of the travel diary that I made during my trip to and through East Finland last weekend. A translated version as the original is a mixture of English, German and Finnish. Maybe it’s more a memory aid than a blogpost. So look at the images if you don’t […]


Helsinki moment

I had anticipated it for a while but today my bike proofed: Just wanted to go home from Eläintarhanlahti (also known as Hakaniemi waterside), which is just up the road 5 blocks but my bike took the lead and took me all around Vanhankaupunginselkä. Yes, Helsinki’s agricultural side. Nothing can describe the pleasure of riding […]

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Long Time, No See: Updates from semester end in Helsinki

It’s more than a month ago that I posted so naturally many things happened in between. Let me stick to the professional ones in this post (one about first days in Stanford is gonna come very soon – maybe later today): The end of the study year is traditionally the time when students finish off […]


Urban Alphabets from Seattle and my first trip to the US

I have been quite here for a while now and besides being busy with finishing things up for Demoday (may 29th) there is another good reason: I’ve been in the US for the first time. Above there are the Urban Alphabets and Urban Postcards produced during the trip. Other than that we (4 mlab students) […]


Urban Alphabets at SIDeR 2013 in Aarhus/Denmark

  Last week I went to the little city (town?) of Aarhus in Denmark to present the Urban Alphabets app as a demo during the Student Interaction Design Research (SIDeR) conference. about SIDeR SIDeR was organized for the 9th time this year. Place changes every year, but there are mostly people from Denmark and Sweden […]


hand lettering addiction?

I know it’s not at all perfect but I just had a lot of fun drawing after I watched 14 out of 52 Lynda video tutorials on objective C. Lot’s of mistakes made but even more fun had! I’m quite sure I am addicted!

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