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my first little game

awful graphics but it works… maybe I am gonna make birds or butterflys out of the circles? who knows….

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jessica helfand’s SIX (+2) ESSAYS ON DESIGN AND NEW MEDIA

what I read during the weekend: quotes from Jessica Helfands SIX (+2) ESSAYS ON DESIGN AND NEW MEDIA published in NY 1997 p8/9 Image programmes, like Adobe Photoshop, offer a plenthora of choices – brushes and filters, pens and pencils, masks and erasers – look at all those tools, all those are toys! Think about […]

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what I am reading right now

many designers believe that design is the end product. To me, design is merely a language, a means to an end, a means of communication. The question is, what do you communicate – Burger King, or something meaningful? – tibor kalman

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