Time for some last remarks from the summer in California

As I started writing this blog post I was already leaving California. It has been an amazing summer all in all. I made a little homage to the Finnish taxpayers who made all this possible: I hope everyone understands this as an artsy project and is not offended in any way. I just wanted to […]


Last week in Stanford – course projects and assignments

Yes, it’s already my last week in Stanford and I thought it’s a good time to tell and show you what I’ve been doing all the time! Client-site internet technologies The course consisted of 2 lectures (each 2h) a week + homework assignments every second week. Some of those were bigger, some smaller. But they […]


time for an update how things are going in Cali

I just realized I haven’t updated on what happened in Cali for the last 3 weeks already. So I’ll have to squeeze things in now as one I don’t remember all the details and two no one would want to know them anyways. Studies are going fine. I’m enjoying most of my courses and learning […]


Cali week 02: a trip to L.A.

The second week in Stanford was rather short (3 days, and on Wednesday I only have tennis class anyways) so no need to focus on that part. But for the long weekend, due to independence day on 4th of July I went with 3 of the Startup Lifers (Ilari, Sarun and Kristian) on a road […]


Photos from first week in Cali

So no need to write much again: Let the photos speak! Here are photos from my first week in Stanford and San Francisco. First some pics from Campus, then the Saturday, which I spend with Ilari in San Francisco skating on the Golden Gate and back to the city center (>complete awesomeness!!!!) and the San […]

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First impressions from Stanford

yes, it’s true: I’m studying in Stanford for about 2 month this summer. I still have to pinch myself every now and then to truly believe that I’m here. But let’s start from the beginning: I flew from Berlin to LA last friday (21st, yes, midsummer on a plane) and then from LA to San […]

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new website for Urban Alphabets

Urban Alphabets now has it’s own website: (also as you can guess from what you see up here: the project has a new logo as well. would be happy to hear opinions! (and am very much looking forward to SIDeR next week! – keep posted for more info)

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new language versions of urban alphabets

I spend some time today preparing the first 4 language versions of “urban alphabets”. I also changed the font of the default letters to be more legible (+ a font that’s actually available in Cyrillic). So what are the language versions? The 4 countries I’m going to travel to soon: 1. Finnish (yes, I still […]


more letter experiments

  After last weeks N’s I noticed the similarities between 3 words today: workless, worthless, wordless. I am somehow shocked that it took me so long to figure this out. So here is today’s work reflecting on this and on the connection between the meanings…. (just handmade, no photoshopping or anything… actually you can see […]

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I rediscovered my love for fonts this week and this afternoon I finally made it to draw a little. Quite relaxing after a long, intense (and really good!) workshop week (workshop called: Information Graphics – Formats and Genres). Drawing letters is a bit like meditation. I like it and will hopefully find time to continue […]

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