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Self-portrait: Suse Miessner

This movie is an attempt to explore my “self”. It’s rather raising questions than giving answers. You might learn something about me but the question whether you know my “self” or not remains open…



This is my very first pop-up-card. I liked the concept for really long and always wanted to try it out. Yesterday I finally did it. So there have been 2 prototypes before I made it to this (almost) perfection. I think I’ll try making more!

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Docpoint 2013 report 2 and recap

So I left out after “The Trial” the other day. There is two more movies to tell about: Work Hard – Play Hard Germany, 2011, 90min (seen in Andorra on Friday) the festival catalog says: “There is hard competition about the best workers in the West. Organizing the job and the weaknesses of the workers […]

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Docpoint 2013 report_part 1

I have been busy watching movies in the Helsinki Documentary Film Festival¬†(Docpoint) this week. And I can already state here: It was worth the money and time invested : ) I saw some awesome inspiring movies that really made me think and I know I’m not done with the thinking yet. But here are preliminary […]

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The project seems to be from ancient times almost. I would be happy to find more info about it. From what I read on the website it seems to be fun! project data 1998 Gardermoen airport, Oslo, Norway artists:¬†Anna Karin Rynander + her project team link: project on artist’s website

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The Artvertiser

“The Artvertiser” is a device replacing advertisements by artworks on the go. It was developed by Julian Oliver and Damien Steward starting in 2008. I had the chance to take part in a workshop they held in May 2011 at Kuvataide (Art Academy) in Helsinki/Finland. For me the artists essentially provide the chance to replace […]


more letter experiments

  After last weeks N’s I noticed the similarities between 3 words today: workless, worthless, wordless. I am somehow shocked that it took me so long to figure this out. So here is today’s work reflecting on this and on the connection between the meanings…. (just handmade, no photoshopping or anything… actually you can see […]

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Figure Painting installation

“Figure Painting is an interactive wall installation that reflects the movement and connections of individuals passing through a public space. A person’s shadow is projected with its own unique color, exaggerated in scale so that users are instantly made aware of their presence in the space.” (from the vimeo description) The project is also coded […]

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Museum of London, Streetmuseum app

Holding up the smartphone camera on a everyday scene in London the app shows a historical photo from the exact same place. More information about the photo and time it was taken are available, too. project info London, UK developer: Thumbspark Limited link: app website

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