hand lettering addiction?

I know it’s not at all perfect but I just had a lot of fun drawing after I watched 14 out of 52 Lynda video tutorials on objective C. Lot’s of mistakes made but even more fun had! I’m quite sure I am addicted!


2 storyboards for “Urban Alphabets”

Scenario 1: Lisa Lisa is a single woman in her mid 30s. She works as a tax consultant in Berlin (Germany). Lisa is new to “Urban Alphabets” and wants to explore the functionalities. Lisa walks her dog Tommi twice a day. She always tries to find new routes so dog walking does not become boring. […]


Simulated Graffitis

“Simulated Graffitis” was a project idea I developed for a the “Technologies of Location” workshop at Media Lab. I later build a “Digital Spray Can” as a prototype during Matti’s “Physical Interaction” course. project idea The City of Helsinki practices a zero-tolerance policy for street arts in the city’s public space resulting in a city […]

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new language versions of urban alphabets

I spend some time today preparing the first 4 language versions of “urban alphabets”. I also changed the font of the default letters to be more legible (+ a font that’s actually available in Cyrillic). So what are the language versions? The 4 countries I’m going to travel to soon: 1. Finnish (yes, I still […]


Stanford calling, California dreaming… (and more awesome things)

Just today I got confirmation that I’m a lucky Aalto student to spend her summer studying at Stanford University. That’s already a great news but it becomes even better when you hear that Aalto is paying for pretty much all the expenses: tuition fees, flights, accommodation, meals on campus and insurance for the 2 month […]


urban alphabets from Berlin

I made some new urban alphabets in Berlin during the last week. I had a lot of fun and it’s pretty amazing how you start looking for letters everywhere. I also noticed myself switching into the “urban-alphabets-photo-taking”-mode as soon as I opened the app: I really don’t care stopping in the middle of the pedestrian […]


“Urban Alphabets” work in progress – Making Personas

I have been working on my “Urban Alphabets” quite a bit recently. The Flow Chart is still work in progress. Yesterday I’ve made these persona illustrations. I see them as a start for my scenarios. Actually the stories I’ve already written, so I “just” need to illustrate them. The current plan is to make little […]

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