4 päivää Itä-Suomessa

This blogpost is pretty much a copy of the travel diary that I made during my trip to and through East Finland last weekend. A translated version as the original is a mixture of English, German and Finnish. Maybe it’s more a memory aid than a blogpost. So look at the images if you don’t […]


Helsinki moment

I had anticipated it for a while but today my bike proofed: Just wanted to go home from Eläintarhanlahti (also known as Hakaniemi waterside), which is just up the road 5 blocks but my bike took the lead and took me all around Vanhankaupunginselkä. Yes, Helsinki’s agricultural side. Nothing can describe the pleasure of riding […]


Robotic characters

I don’t know what happened to me today but I felt like drawing-painting some robotic characters: “Magnetic Bots”


Crochet earrings (and other crochet things)

I have started to crochet earrings in the beginning of the year. This is the current collection of things I made. Some I have given to friends already, some I wear myself. However, if you feel like having crochet earrings as well, please contact me [mail at susemiessner dot org]:

No image

What’s going on with Suse?

Hei to all who are still looking at my blog every now and then and wondering why I haven’t been posting for so long… Well, times are busy. So here is a short (?) update on the things that have been going on with me since September 2013 Urban Alphabets: new version From september 2013 […]


Share Aware

This video from one of my Stanford assignments I made after returning to Finland. Now I finally also post it.

thumb_web design

Selection of webdesign and dev projects (2008-2013)

2008-2013, design, coding Here you see a selection of small-scale web design/development projects. Some are real world projects some I did just for fun to learn Javascript better.  Instead of learning pure coding I try to bring my skills from different areas together: visualization, concept design, moving images, user interfaces,…


Time for some last remarks from the summer in California

As I started writing this blog post I was already leaving California. It has been an amazing summer all in all. I made a little homage to the Finnish taxpayers who made all this possible: I hope everyone understands this as an artsy project and is not offended in any way. I just wanted to […]

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