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what I am reading right now

many designers believe that design is the end product. To me, design is merely a language, a means to an end, a means of communication. The question is, what do you communicate – Burger King, or something meaningful? – tibor kalman

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boarder city Helsinki

yeah, really everyone skateboardes in Helsinki! I haven’t seen any boarder in whole Vaasa during 3 weeks I have been there, but Helsinki is a boarder city! It doesn’t care if you are 12 or 35, if you are woman or men… just skateboard! yeah… And I just decided to start as well… but haven’t […]

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I dicided to start to blog… well, just what’s going on in Helsinki, what is new, what is different… stuff…

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Tourist center network Holzdorf/Germany

2009-2010, concept, design The idea of a tourist network center situated in Holzdorf/Germany is my solution to the task of revitalizing the old manor house in the village. The concept tries to include two tourist networks: one is the connection to the local recreation areas in Weimar and Bad Berka and the other one is […]


Urban Design for Berlin-Tempelhof/Germany

2009, concept, design a project in collaboration with Anna Griberman and Tabea Hilse The task in this design project was to develop a strategy how to use the former airfield Berlin-Tempelhof/Germany. Our objective was that Berlin does not have a big pressure on building new apartments but instead the neighboring district of Neukölln misses public […]


Urban Renewal in Krapivna/Russia

2008-2009, concept, design   The provincial town Krapivna, one of Lev Tolstoy‘s work places, has a 18th century urban structure. In the project I analyzed the conservation area and suggested solutions to very different problems: historic buildings are substantially at risk, public buildings stand empty and the infrastructure needs to be completely renewed. I further […]


Greenpeace exhibition pavillion

2008, concept, design For the Greenpeace exhibition pavilion I focused on the experience of architecture: Chaos, which according to Greenpeace is controlling nowadays world, is translated into space. The visitor entering a “chaos” of metal bars will soon notice that the outer glass cube has a grid representing the order Greenpeace tries to bring to […]

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