art material – material art

2010-2011, coding final project for the course “experimental project in computational photography” at Aalto University, School of Art and Design in 2010/2011 Like every student of architecture over the years I have collected a huge variety of close-up photos of materials. We all use them for photoshopping our perspectives or in 3D renderings. But I […]

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Minun perheeni – writing about my family

Minun perheessä on neljä henkeä: isä, äiti ja veli. Minulla on yksi isovel. Hänen niemensä on M.. Hän opiskelee geografia (my teacher wants to say it is maantietoa but is that geography?) ja asuu Göttingenissä. Se on Keski-Saksassa ja entisessä Länsi-Saksassa. M. pitää Göttingenissä opiskelemisesta, koska hänellä on paljon ystäviä siellä. Äitini nimi on Ju.. […]

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just released: helsinki urban alphabet 2011

I was motivated for a longer time to do this, but today I just did… Instead of the important stuff I need to do. However,  here is my magic HELSINKI URBAN ALPHABET first edition (hope there are gonna be more). To collect the photos I didn’t even walk around and shot letters, it’s just what […]

thumb_searching for umbrellas

Searching (for) umbrellas

2011, coding a project coded in Processing during the „Interactive Cinema“-Workshop at TAIK/Helsinki I shot the courtyard of a shopping center from top to bottom and used it for a little game: While only seeing a small part of the whole film the user uses Apple’s Motion Sensor (inbuilt in every MacBook) to navigate through […]

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suomen sanatyyppi – Finnish word types > a preparation for even more complicated things like using the plural

well, that’s what I was fighting with tonight: Finnish word types and how to build the “vartalo” (is it stem in English?) of them. Actually it’s a task I got from my teacher. Need to send it tomorrow. So here it is: nominatiivi vartalo   korkea korkea- leveä leveä- vapaa vapaa- hissi hissi- kuva kuva- […]

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It’s docpoint week in Helsinki. It’s a documentary film festival. And I could afford to buy a screening card for 5 films… But I’ve seen already 8 until today ;-) That’s what I call effective! Well, today I’ve seen 6 Finnish short films in one session!I thought it might be useful and maybe also interesting […]

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project: searching (for) umbrellas

Here is what I did during last week’s “interactive cinema” workshop with Chris Hales. “searching (for) umbrellas” uses apple’s sudden motion sensor to navigate through the film. The user needs to find and follow the umbrella for a certain time to get to the next movie sequence. Actually I managed to randomly chose 3 out […]

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found my publication online

having taken part in a project called “Stadtquartiere der Zukunft” (Neighborhoods of the future) I just found the pdf of the publication online when updating my CV for some applications for a summer job.Here is the pdf: http://www.isr.tu-berlin.de/sqz/Files/pdf/SQZ-Studierende_entwerfen_2050.pdf (sorry, only German provided)and here the weblink: http://www.isr.tu-berlin.de/sqz/studierende_entwerfen_2050.html great that I found it again… am happy!

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