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ICH sucht DU

2011, illustration “ICH sucht DU” could be translated into “I searching for YOU”. It is a story about a lonely character looking for her significant other that is similar to herself. Harriet Grunewald in his story describes what she is going through and when she finally gives up she meets a character that’s not at […]

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Skateboard deck

2011, design a little experiment on how to design and make a new skateboard deck…

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Links from Media facades: when buildings start to twitter

Empire state building Tower of wind La Défnse: Expomedia Light Cube: 42nd Street Studios: Marnix: Blinkenlights: P3 Hochregallager: Kunsthaus Graz /BIX: Chicago Millenium Park: Nature04: Galleria Department Store: Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh: T-Mobile Forum: Symphony of Lights: Spots Media façade: Torre Agbar: Chanel Tower: […]

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first links related to my ma-thesis

UPDATE  1/2013: THIS MA-THESIS DOES NOT EXIST. I CHANGED THE TOPIC QUITE A BIT. YOU CAN GET INFO ABOUT THE THESIS HERE. (as the classification still seems kind of valuable I don’t want to delete this post entirely) preliminary title: Interacting in public space – How media facades influence our behavior trying to sort projects […]


Secret Trails

2011, installation The idea for the final project for the multimedia authoring course at Media Lab Helsinki/Finland was to make the trails people leave in space visible. I have always been fascinated by the idea that people moving in public space actually take part in its creation: they change it, either known or not. It […]

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a ted talk on visualization and collaborative art

I saw this today and it is super awesome!Aaron Koblin: Artfully visualizing our humanity just one little quote that also recently found its way to the whole world through twitter: “19th century culture was defined by the novel,20th century culture by the cinema,the culture of the 21st century will be defined by the interface.” and […]

thumb_tag me

Tag me!

2011, installation the idea “Tag me!” is an installation of 3 chairs and a table painted in orange. Attached pens enable people to leave their signs, comments or little drawings. The project aims to raise awareness of all inhabitants of Espoo/Finland, that tagging is not just crime, but it is inherent to human nature to […]

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direct disaster information sharing concept

CONCEPT concept for the entrance into MediaLab. The main idea is to enable direct information sharing among different user groups (such as citizens, government, scientists, news agencies) thus enabling everyone to decide by himself which information to trust.   Nowadays different services are aiming to provide information in different phases of disasters. This observation was […]

thumb spoof ads

spoof ads

2011, design results from “spoof advertising” workshop at Taik’s graphic design department (Helsinki/Finland)

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