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Marnix 2000 Brussels, Belgium non-commercial architecture: Gordan Bunshaft, 1965 Light: magic monkey “Public participation” “Democratizing architecture: Citizens can upload animations. A thank you e-mail informs about the time of play”

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42nd Street Studios 2000 New York, USA non-commercial? Architecture: Platt Byrad Dovell Light: Anne Militello “Calendar tweets” “The color changes increase towards the weekend. The contrasting sequences provide a link to the glamorous Broadway”

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Revealing Space

2012, coding The results of my “architectural machines reloaded” course in Weimar/Germany. The task was to design and code an architectural machine in Processing. What I did was an analyzing machine in openFrameworks. Concept Public space is a far more complicated phenomenon than we realize in our everyday life’s. Public space is not just about […]

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