About me

I’m Suse Miessner, an artist, designer and coder based in Helsinki/Finland. I have a design-heavy background but for me it’s most satisfying to bring things to life/to make services happen instead of “just” designing them. This is why, nowadays I work as a Service Designer with a passion to work on projects from problem definition to going life.
On top of this website I have my portfolio in Behance and my more professional blog posts in Medium. Nowadays in my freetime I design jewelery and make other colorful crafts. Check Micolo on Instagram or Storenvy to see more of this.

As you can see this website shows different parts: There are the projects that I have been doing in the past and under Blog you will find five main categories:

  • Sideprojects features the work I have been doing recently and also includes smaller projects;
  • Finnish+Life consists of different posts about my life in Finland and my attempts to learning Finnish;
  • Interactivity+Space is a collection of videos showing media art projects in public spaces. This blog has started out as a collection for my Master’s thesis in architecture but I changed the topic to be more theoretical. However, I find this collection quite interesting anyways and do now also post videos of other projects than just media facades;
  • Food for Thought is a collection of quotes that I come across and find worth saving;
  • Handicrafts features another hobby of mine: crocheting, knitting and all sorts of handicrafts and crafting in general. The section shows self-made projects.

I should give you a clue on my contact details at this point
email: mail [at] susemiessner.org
twitter: @suse_miessner
vimeo: suse miessner
linkedin: suse miessner
behance: suse miessner