Last week in Stanford – course projects and assignments

Yes, it’s already my last week in Stanford and I thought it’s a good time to tell and show you what I’ve been doing all the time!

Client-site internet technologies

The course consisted of 2 lectures (each 2h) a week + homework assignments every second week. Some of those were bigger, some smaller. But they really helped understanding the lectures and actually learning how to do stuff. The next slideshow shows what I have been doing:

Assignment 1 was mostly about teaching us basic html and css. It was good actually learning it from scratch. Helped me understanding many things! (note it wasn’t me deciding that some of these things are so ugly, but that’s what they give you as assignment tasks in a computer science department)

Assignment 2 was the first basic javascript assignment: Bookland searches for a certain booktitle or author and displays the information in a text area. The Sports Car Configurator lets you choose the packages you want and calculates the price. You can also preview different colors.

Assignment 3 was the hardest of all the assignments: More complicated javascript. The Bay Area Colleges and Universities Search Tool, lets you search for min and max tuition, min and max SAT scores of the Bay Area Colleges and Universities and displays the information chosen. The Stanford Map is the assignment I struggled with most but ultimately also the one I love most. Here is actually a working version of that assignment.

Assignment 4 (is only due in 2 days) is about technologies and frameworks build around Vanilla Javascript, HTML and CSS: A part about retrieving data via AJAX, one using the AngularJS Framework and one using basic JQuery.

Social Psychology of Large Scale Media Interventions

This is by far my favorite course in Stanford. I think, I told that in an earlier post but basically it’s about how to design a media campaign to influence people’s behavior for the better. The course consisted of 2 sessions weekly (1.5h each) with readings for each session and weekly assignments. So a quick assignment recap here:

In assignment 1 we needed to choose a behavior and find a media campaign targeting this. Mine was Streetpong.

In assignment 2 the task was to design a media campaign to change drinking habits. I did one on young skaters as a target.

Assignment 3 was about obesity in the US. I proposed an app that would measure your eating habits as well as exercise behavior, motivate you to exercise and also warn you if eating too much unhealthy food.

Assignment 4 was the first group assignment. I was lucky only getting a group of 2 people. My group mate is Brasilian (what do I have with the Brasilians, always?!). I have no idea what the exact task was any more (maybe behaviors in college or university?) but we did a poster campaign aimed to raise awareness of gay and lesbian people in common showers but also restrooms in the dorms.

From Assignment 5 onwards (we are presenting assignment 7 the day after tomorrow) we kind of got stuck with the same topic. People share drinks all the time but are rarely aware that the saliva transferred via drinks can also transfer viruses. In assignment 5 we designed a video game for the age group of 15+ years that would prevent people from sharing drinks (or better make them aware and share less drinks). In the game people would pass a drink around (virtually) and see how it gets more and more contagious. Once you have “consumed” a certain amount of germs you loose.
Assignment 6 was then the preparation for the final assignment. We stuck with the topic and made a bit more research on which viruses can be transferred via saliva (there are quite many) and suggested a couple of other interventions that could be used to target children of a younger generation. However, for our final presentation (assignment 7) we went back to the age group of 15+years and designed a prototype for a touch table game that can be played with random people e.g., during a fair or in hospitals. While playing the game people will learn that they should pay attention with whom they share their drinks and cutlery. We like to put it like that: Only share your drinks and cutlery with people you would kiss. It sounds a bit funny or stupid but that is pretty much the point.

Smart Cities and Communities

Finally I’m having a course in the environmental engineering department (that name already sounds so wrong to me): Smart Cities and Communities. I was a bit dissatisfied with the whole lecture all the time but since the Open Data lecture it got a lot better and I happily wrote my second essay about a suggestion of how to improve resilience in a city in Vietnam. So here are both essays in their final versions now:
Developing a Vision for a Smart City
Da Nang – Smart City Subsidies

I feel I need to write a bit more about Stanford experiences but this is enough for today! Stay tuned!