Long Time, No See: Updates from semester end in Helsinki

It’s more than a month ago that I posted so naturally many things happened in between. Let me stick to the professional ones in this post (one about first days in Stanford is gonna come very soon – maybe later today):

The end of the study year is traditionally the time when students finish off most of their projects and show them in Demo Day. This year I showed 3 different things:

No 1: City Sounds project

City Sounds is a project I developed during the year for Pipsa’s “production clinic” course. Honestly, the course itself wasn’t really good but the opportunity to go to Seattle was obviously great (see previous posts). So what I did in collaboration with Ville (sound design) is a project that tries to explore sounds in both cities, Helsinki and Seattle, and lets you guess which one comes from where. Then there is also a little bit of information about the spots and the activities you listened to. The project started out as an experiment and in the end we call it an art project, so that no one can ask us why it’s so hard to figure out which sound comes from where. I think, Ville and I imagined the sounds to be more different in both cities but if you limit it to sounds of the environment this is what you get.

Still, it’s a lot of fun listening and playing (at least for me) and in the process I learned a lot about web development: This is the first website I coded from scratch plus there is a database integrated (so some php knowledge acquired as well).

No 2: Siivouspäivä app and interventions

During the “New Media for the Third Sector” course we’ve been working towards interventions for Siivouspäivä (Cleaning Day), a citizen driven initiative that raises awareness for our throw-away-culture by transforming the whole city into a giant flea market for one day.
With my group (Riina and Neea) we’ve worked on an idea of how to promote Cleaning Day to more people and also to find out what are the best finds and appropriate prices during that day. Finally during Siivouspäivä on May 25th 2013 we went around witha golden frame that had the Siivouspäivä logo and a little chalk bord for the prices attached and asked people to take photos of them and/or their best finds. We then posted these photos directly to a Facebook page (see here). We decided for Facebook because that is the main communication channel Siivouspäivä is already using and it seemed to be easy to get people into that.


The second part we started during the course was developing an iOS and Android app for Siivouspäivä. The basic idea was a wayfinding app, so during the day people could on the fly find out where are the closest stalls and what they sell. I got involved in this as part of a small job in Arki research group  at mlab as well. So I took care of coordinating activities between iOS and Android developers and partly UI designers. Here is some more info on the project. As a next step we actually plan on writing a paper about 3 apps (Siivouspäivä app, urban alphabets and CoMeUp – a previous project by Arki).

No 3: Urban Alphabets

And of course I also had a floor spot with the Urban alphabets app during Demo Day. I guess I don’t need to explain any more what Urban Alphabets is about but there is info and also outcomes during demo day on it’s website: www.ualphabets.com


So after the semester was finally over I also had one week off enjoying Helsinki before I went to Germany to visit my parents and some friends around Berlin for all together 10 days. And now I’m studying in Stanford for 2 month.

More info about the awesomeness of California coming soon.

Stay tuned!