Urban Alphabets from Seattle and my first trip to the US

I have been quite here for a while now and besides being busy with finishing things up for Demoday (may 29th) there is another good reason: I’ve been in the US for the first time.
Above there are the Urban Alphabets and Urban Postcards produced during the trip.
Other than that we (4 mlab students) were mainly there to get to know the city as we are doing a project on transportation in Helsinki and Seattle. So this means basically: Get to know the city, do all the touristy stuff, but make a project out of it in the end.
The project I’m doing in collaboration with Ville has to do with sounds in both cities. Stay tuned, it’s going to be presented in Demoday (and come by if you are in Helsinki that day!).
For now enjoy the 11 best pictures from Seattle (out of about 700!):

Oh yes, and I also got my study visa for summer today. So now it’s for sure: I’m studying in Stanford this summer.
Meanwhile Urban Alphabets goes Russian this weekend. I’ll give a lecture and run a workshop on Urban Alphabets at Make It-Center in St. Petersburg. I’m looking forward to the experiences very very much!!!
And to make things even more awesome: Urban Alphabets workshop also got accepted as a pre-conference workshop at Walk21 in Munich in September 2013!