2 storyboards for “Urban Alphabets”

Scenario 1: Lisa

Lisa is a single woman in her mid 30s. She works as a tax consultant in Berlin (Germany). Lisa is new to “Urban Alphabets” and wants to explore the functionalities.
Lisa walks her dog Tommi twice a day. She always tries to find new routes so dog walking does not become boring. Especially in the evenings she prefers walking in the center rather than inside the nearby Tiergarten (a public park) as she does not feel secure there in the dark.

Scenario 2: Tapio

Tapio is in his mid 20s. He just graduated from university and started working as a graphic designer in Helsinki (Finland). Tapio uses “Urban Alphabets” several times a day.
He does not only take photos frequently but he also shares his collections to different social media services. He is also active in following what his friends post and comments on their posts.