Stanford calling, California dreaming… (and more awesome things)

stanford calling, california dreamingJust today I got confirmation that I’m a lucky Aalto student to spend her summer studying at Stanford University. That’s already a great news but it becomes even better when you hear that Aalto is paying for pretty much all the expenses: tuition fees, flights, accommodation, meals on campus and insurance for the 2 month to go there! It will be an awesome experience and immediately confirmed that I’ll take the place (of course I did).

So what am I going to do there? Well, I applied to study 3 different courses, mostly ones that aren’t offered in Aalto (or only in Finnish):
Client side Internet Technologies (pretty much front-end programming, without database side stuff…)
Social Psychology of Large-Scale Media Interventions
Engendering Compassion with Interactive Digital Technology

So I think it’ll be cool to finally learn to do web programming properly (not just the la-la-way) and I’ve always been keen to learn more on the sociological kind of things, now applied to sociology of digital media… It’s gonna be AWESOME!

But there are more good news during the last weeks:
1. I’m gonna present my “Urban Alphabets App” at the Students Interaction Design Research Conference in Aarhus/Denmark in April. Just as a demo spot there but I’m happy to get to show it to some more people!
2. I got invited to present my insights on urban planning and New Media at the Make it!-Center in St. Petersburg/Russia in May. I’m also really really happy to go there and talk about my field of interest!
Happy times in Finland!