Docpoint 2013 report 2 and recap

So I left out after “The Trial” the other day. There is two more movies to tell about:

Work Hard – Play Hard
Germany, 2011, 90min
(seen in Andorra on Friday)

the festival catalog says:
“There is hard competition about the best workers in the West. Organizing the job and the weaknesses of the workers are closely scrutinized as the employers aim at the highest possible productivity in their companies. Modern work is about projects and tasks which one has to perform in the best possible way. The atmosphere is creative and innovative, or at least that is the aim, and the workers are in constant move from one workstation to another. In her award-winning film the German director Carmen Losman portraits the work culture in modern offices which look like glass cubes and where each pot plant has it’s own, carefully defined function and role in carrying out the vision of the workplace. The film also shows us who and what kind of people are the carrying forces of the companies.”

Let’s keep it short: A good movie but more a recap of things we all know already. Not too many new things or really new and refreshing points of views. But a technically well-made movie, that’s for sure.


Health Factory
Norway, 2010, 58 min
(seen on Sunday in Bio Rex)

the festival catalog says:
“What happens when the characteristics of private sector are introduced to the public health care system? Health Factory investigates the clash between an individual’s health and depersonalized statistics. Grotequeness can’t be avoided when the experts of efficiency from Toyota are being carted to Norway – a country known for its national health service. The basic idea is that public health care should be rationalized in the same way as large companies, and a price tag should be put on every operation, from adenoid removal to labour. The continuous insistence of efficiency is harming both patients and nursing staff. It’s difficult to evaluate the quality of work, when listening to a patient’s troubles can’t be priced and the staff should treat their patients as if they were cars.”

I was warned before that this movie could repeat too many of the things we’d already known before. Well, it was kind of like this but with this one it made me think more than “Work Hard – Play Hard”. It captured quite nicely how impossible it is to price-tag quality of health treatment. I like the point when a woman said something like “what is the price of sitting at a patients bed for 4 or 8 min and what is the quality of it?”. I know we’ve known it before but it was somehow touching nevertheless. Just didn’t like how the movie was cut, it was quite far from a normal documentary with many replays of particular scenes to make it more convincing. Hearing things once is enough for me, or at least I don’t need to hear it with the same words, voices,… That’s just annoying and too much.

Here is the first clip from the movie:


So making a best-of-list from the Docpoint movies I’ve seen this year is pretty easy:
1. The Human Scale
2. Tea or Electricity
3. The Trial
Maybe I was spoilt by seeing the best movies first? Or maybe it was to much food for my brain in just 6 days. All movies were pretty content heavy and talking about very different phenomena. But nevertheless, it was an awesome week and I’m already looking forward to Docpoint 2014.
I just love documentaries!