The Artvertiser

“The Artvertiser” is a device replacing advertisements by artworks on the go. It was developed by Julian Oliver and Damien Steward starting in 2008.
I had the chance to take part in a workshop they held in May 2011 at Kuvataide (Art Academy) in Helsinki/Finland. For me the artists essentially provide the chance to replace advertisement with anything. This anything was carried out by us. However, in doing so they make a profound statement that anything is better than advertisement. I wouldn’t say I agree with it 100% and maybe that is not what they ment to do, but it is what I felt during the public walk that we did through Helsinki after the 3 days long (?) workshop.

Read more about the project here (including technical specs as well)

project data
starting 2008
workshops where held in different cities, first presentation took place at Transmediale in Berlin in 2010
artists: Julian Oliver and Damien Steward

My personal documentation from the artvertiser workshop that took place in Helsinki in May 2011