musical stairs

I decided to summarize this into one post. There are so many project on musical stairs / soundscapes produced through stepping on stairs.

the first project was probably this one
Piano Stairs 
by artist group unknown, project sponsored by Volkswagen
part of Volkswagen initiative “The Fun Theory/Rolighetsteorin”
when? 2009; setting up on June 24th 2009
where? Odenplan subway station in Stockholm, Sweden, staircase between tracks and Odenplan Square
external link (project description in German)

behind the scenes

I think this can considered to be “the classic” musical stairs. A whole mess of other projects follow the same princple.

Piano Stairs in Auckland, New Zealand, 2010:

Piano Stairs Song, The Stompstone Song on Stairs, Melbourne, Australia, 2010:

Musical Staircase Milan, Italy, 2009:

Musical Stairs in Santiago de Chile, Chile, 2010:

All these are just very few (but I think the better) examples of how musical stairs can be implemented in different situations. As one can see this installation has been quite popular but as the videos can show they can still have quite different qualities. This is why the concept has been tried out so much. And also it must be an awesome experience, right?