design update + bringing together diff webpages

So here it is, almost done.

I made a design update so that this now includes everything that was stored in different web services before. So from now on here are my projects (divided in different subcategories) and under blog Now+Future you will find little status updates to know what I am up to but also the results of smaller design projects or work in progress-documentations. Finnish+Life includes notes about my life in Finland and my attempts to (still) learn Finnish (yes, I didn’t give up!). Interactivity+Space is now what used to be the “mediafacades-blog” where I collected videos and other material on media facades. So now it’s not just media facades any more but also other (mainly interactive) New Media art projects in public spaces.

oh I even forgot:
Happy New Year!
Hyvää utta vuotta!
Frohes Neues Jahr!
(still valid to say as it’s just Jan 3rd).

new years 2013