first links related to my ma-thesis

UPDATE  1/2013:

THIS MA-THESIS DOES NOT EXIST. I CHANGED THE TOPIC QUITE A BIT. YOU CAN GET INFO ABOUT THE THESIS HERE. (as the classification still seems kind of valuable I don’t want to delete this post entirely)

preliminary title: Interacting in public space – How media facades influence our behavior

trying to sort projects by way of interaction:

1. none
– 555 cubic, Hamburg/Germany, 2009:
– operation video tag, Liverpool/UK, 2010:
– Modern Times Forever (Stora Enso Building, Helsinki), Helsinki/Finland, 2011:

2. phone
– SMS Slingshot, Liverpool/UK, Berlin/Germany, 2010:
– Augmented Reality Advertising Takeover in Times Square, NY/US, 2011:

3. body
– the fun theory, Stockholm/Sweden, 2009 (could you call that media facade? > not really):

4. email
– Marnix, Bruessels/Belgium, 1999/2001:

general link:
specific buildings:
– Museum of Modern Art, Graz/Switzerland: