finnish tongue twisters

Jaakko started teaching me Finnish tongue twisters today (the real ones, not the ones all the non-finnish speaking humans would think about… most of that words are even used in everyday life ;-) )
And Heli sent me a link with 77 Finnish tongue twisters!

my favourites for the moment:

Yksikseskös itkeskelet, itsekseskös yskiskelet?
Are you crying all alone, are you coughing by yourself?
they say it’s a test about your alkohol level. I can’t even do it without any alkohol…

Kokko, kokoo koko kokko kokoon!
– Koko kokkoko?
– Koko kokko.
Kokko (a surname), gather up the whole bonfire!  
– The entire bonfire? 
– The entire bonfire. 

Keksijä Keksi keksi keksin keksittyään keksin keksijä Keksi keksi keksin keksityksi
Inventor Cookie, invented the cookie. After inventor Cookie had invented the cookie, he invented that the cookie was invented.

Ääliö, älä lyö, ööliä läikkyy!
Idiot, don’t hit, beer spills!

Wedding night intention news (it is said you find it in the yellow press)

the longest finnish non-compound but totally senseless word:
es nicht, dass er nicht jemanden zu setzen jemanden, der sich desorganisiert You know? senseless!< what Jaakko teached me so far: Hääyöaie – we had that already! matalalattiaraitiovaunu – lowfloortram alavilla mailla hallan vaara – low-lying land frost risk and his “all time favourite collection of suffixes: istahtaisinkohan = I wonder if I should sit down for a while.” (quote Jaakko) you see he is teaching me nonsense!