my field trip with history of finnish architecture class

it was a fun day and a fun trip.
We saw a lot, nevertheless it felt a bit like being a japanese tourist: hop off the bus, take a picture, visit buildings for several minutes, hopp back on the bus – where do we go next?
I was especially impressed by Viikki church. You really can’t explain it just with pictures! I am sure that the architects even designed the sound of the doors! They really ask for touching them! Great special construction! then it is about smell! the smell of wood makes you instantly feel safe. It is about light! It is about space! The ceiling is really great! Great church!
But I also liked Myyrmäki church! That’s only about light and space! You instantly get the feeling of holyness!

And I learned about housing projects. My first Finnish garden city: Tapiola. lovely place, but todays masses of cars are a big problem over there. Nevertheless it seems that Finns still want to live there. And notice it was build in the 1950th! (that’s also pretty old in Finland)

Probably I still have to say something about the geographical centre of Helsinki. It is Viiki, somewhere in the middle of nowhere. It is some kilometers to the north-east from todays centre of Helsinki. Helsinki universitys campus for agriculture is located over there… and it is a very agricultural landscape! ;-)

Ah yeah and I want to say something about Malmi airport. I heard the story that they want to close it completely because they need the field for new residential housing. And the second thing my teacher told me: it is the same thing you’ve had in Berlin some years ago… Well, NO its not! Tempelhof hasn’t had any force to use it for housing. Berlin has no need for new residential buildings! But Berlin has need for public parks and gardens… In Helsinki it is the other way around: They do have a lot of green in the city but they have need for residential buidlings… So if you really need the field: use it!

It seems that I slowly start to understand main features of Finnish architecture. It is about space and about light.. It is about sensitivity!!! that’s the key point! Probably I am going to write about that for the essays. We have to write a book review and 5 essays on different topics. My somehow favourite essay topic:
Choose two buildings which you think represent Finnish identity, write a description and analyse the features that create the identity
what in hell is Finnish identity??? Any of you Finnish people want to answer that question for me? Probably I am going to write 10 pages about Finnish identity before starting to describe any building! I don’t know… funny topic!